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A'mare, a name that finds its inspiration in the beautiful Italian language, evokes both love and the sea, two words that deeply symbolize the essence of our establishment. A'mare embodies this sweet blend which constitutes the soul of those who shaped it, from Ibiza, Sardinia, Greece and of course Corsica!


Each material, each molding, each stone, each object tells a story, making A'mare an authentic Mediterranean residence.

“Love”, because A’mare is above all a place of welcome and conviviality. It is an authentic place, full of charm and light, which blends harmoniously into the lush nature that we love so much. It is a boutique hotel with a “dolce vita” spirit, where it is good to live and recharge your batteries.

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The sea... The Gulf of Valinco, a marvelous palette of all the blues of the Mediterranean, which dazzles us with its changing reflections and which we thank every day for its infinite beauty.

For many, the fun of vacations lies in discovering new places and new cultures. At A'mare, we like to share our experience. Our wish is to help you discover the Isle of Beauty in a unique way, by sharing our experience, our knowledge, and above all, our passion.


Finally, we believe that encounters make the most beautiful memories. Among us, you will never feel alone or anonymous. Our warm and available team will be there to make your stay unforgettable.

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A'mare has in its name, the evocation of the Sea,   in a nod to our wonderful Gulf of Valinco, but also Love because we are a place of conviviality. 

Letting go, making discoveries and great encounters, that’s the A’mare experience, a small hotel with a big heart. 

So that your vacations are the most beautiful!

See you soon,

The owners

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