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Experience rich in sensory perceptions, evocative of dreams and emotions


Californian - 50 min €90 I 1H20 €135 This massage uses long, slow, fluid movements that allow for deep physical and mental relaxation.

Swedish I Sports - 50 min €110 I 1H20 €170 An excellent treatment to relieve tension with a choice of strong or moderate pressure. After this treatment, you will feel liberated from all tensions and relaxed. This massage will release blocked energies in your tissues and deeply relax your muscles.

Hawaiian Massage 50 min €90 I 1H20 €135 A deep and rhythmic massage, the rhythm is relaxing and is practiced in long fluid movements of the forearms and hands to "nourish" the body deeply, combined with a powerful work of elbow pressure and "cleansing" of the muscles.

Ayurvedic Massage 50 min €90 I 1H20 €135 This massage is practiced by palpations and pressures on the body. Intended to drain toxins towards the digestive system, it promotes elimination, relaxes, reduces nervous tension, and improves blood circulation.

Children / Teens 25 min €55

Back & arm massage for children aged 11 to 17

Back OR legs OR cranial massage 25 min €55 Relaxing posture for the back to eliminate tension, or for the legs to boost blood and lymphatic circulation, or cranial for absolute relaxation.


Head, neck, shoulders massage supplement 15 min €30​


Body scrub & hydration 45 min €80 Essential before the first sun exposures, this body exfoliating treatment based on grape seeds combined with 6 essential oils will leave your skin perfectly smooth and satin-like.

Light legs treatment 45 min €80 This treatment is perfect for combating the sensation of heavy legs. It helps to boost blood and lymphatic circulation to regain a feeling of well-being. A draining massage followed by a cold wrap will allow you to regain a feeling of lightness in your legs.


Moisturizing replenishing facial 45 min €80

This personalized facial treatment boosts the radiance of your skin, carried out with the most suitable products for your needs. Manual gestures enhance their effectiveness while offering a real moment of relaxation. The protocol includes a skin diagnosis, makeup removal, an exclusive aromatic scrub (with flowers, fruits, leaves, and fibers), mask application, and a final massage with Divine Oil.

Immediate Radiance Facial 30 min €55

This personalized facial treatment, carried out with the most suitable products for your needs, allows you to regain radiant complexion for a healthy glow effect. Manual gestures boost the effectiveness of the formulas and guarantee you a real moment of relaxation. The protocol includes a skin diagnosis, makeup removal, scrub, and mask application.

Replenishing Facial & Intense Body Hydration 1h15 €130

Rehydrating facial treatment starting with cleansing using replenishing makeup removal cream combined with a nourishing, soothing, repairing mask rich in 6 botanical extracts. It will be followed by a body treatment including hydration of the body using a sublimating milk composed of multiple botanical actives that will envelop your skin in a veil of softness and hydration. A formula that will have the effect of sublimating, nourishing, and hydrating your skin.


Hand Beauty (50 min: €70) Hand beauty is the ultimate care for soft and silky hands. This treatment includes: a simple manicure, scrub, application of moisturizing cream, hand massage, and fortifying polish.

Foot Beauty (60 min: €80) A complete foot treatment removes all unsightly cuticles and dead skin. This treatment includes: an emollient foot bath, pedicure, scrub, application of moisturizing cream, foot massage, and fortifying polish.


Underarms €25 Half legs or half arms €40 Full arms €45 I Full legs €55 Classic bikini to integral €35 l €55 Face (chin, lip, cheeks) €30

Eyebrows €20 - €30 Lip €20

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